Velero is an open source tool to safely backup and restore, perform disaster recovery, and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes

source: Velero

There are many different ways in which you can backup your kubernetes cluster. …

Part 3: Deploying React App to Kubernetes

This Blog is continuation of part 1 and part 2.

This is the final blog of our series. In this Blog I’ll help you with:
1. Creating a Jenkins Multi-Branch Project
2. Run Your first build
3. Edit Service and add DNS to your Service Load Balancer
4. …


This Blog is continuation of part 1

In this blog I’ll help you set up your development environment for our canary project.


  1. Jenkins should be installed on your Development Environment. If you need help to install Jenkins, follow this link
  2. Install kubectl and make sure that it is accessible…

Part 1: Setting Up Azure Kubernetes Service

In this blog I’ll help you setup your Kubernetes Cluster and Nodes using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This Blog is a part of the series CANARY DEPLOYMENT IN AKS.
Please follow these steps to create your own AKS Cluster

Step 1: Creating a Service Pipeline and Secret

  1. Open your Azure Active Directory
  2. Click on App Registration and…

While I was working with Minikube, I tried to run minikube dashboard on my Ec2 Server instance and I faced a problem while accessing it. …

Hi Scholars, in this post I will help you setup your kubernetes work environment in Linux Cloud VM like (AWS EC2 instance or AZURE Container).
Throughout this blog, I’ll give some reference of the documentation so that you, if in future something change, you can directly refer the docs for…

This blog will help you setup your Jenkins on Docker Container.
If you are learning these technologies for the first time, I would suggest you to use Cloud based Virtual Machines like (AWS EC2, or Azure VM or GCP Compute Engine)
I am using Ubuntu O.S. for this Setup

Step 1: Setup your Docker environment

ELK Represents:

  • Elasticsearch: Log aggregator
  • Logstash: Agent to send logs into Elasticsearch
  • Kibana: GUI web interface to search logs

ELK Stack Quickstart Guide

Install Ansible

>> sudo apt insatll ansible python-pip

Git Clone Ansible-Elasticsearch

>> git clone

Install pip and tox:

tox is an automation project we use to run our testing scenarios. It gives us the ability to create a dynamic matrix of…

What Is Amazon Textract?

Amazon Textract makes it easy to add document text detection and analysis to your applications. The Amazon Textract Text Detection API can detect text in a variety of documents including financial reports,medical records, and tax forms. For documents with structured data, you can use the Amazon Textract Document Analysis API…

This is the continuation of the part one blog. In this blog we’ll write some code, and walk through the process of creating the infrastructure as shown in the previous blog. We’ll use AWS CDK (cloud development kit)to make our infrastructure in python!!!

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I’m an undergrad student at IIIT Ranchi, pursuing my B-Tech in computer science and Engineering. I love to learn and share new technologies.

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