Minikube Dashboard in AWS EC2

While I was working with Minikube, I tried to run minikube dashboard on my Ec2 Server instance and I faced a problem while accessing it. Either you have to run a secure https connection or you need to run a Remote Desktop to access the localhost on which your dashboard is running.

In this post I’ll be discussing an alternate way to access the Minikube Dashboard. I’ll create a SSH Tunnel to access the dashboard.

Here is the architecture diagram:

ssh tunnel

I am assuming that you have installed minikube in your EC2 instance. If not then please refer to my this blog. Also I am assuming that you can access your Ec2 instance using ssh Terminal.

STEP 1: Run minikube dashboard on EC2 instance and note down the url

$ minikube dashboard --url

STEP 2: Open another terminal and create an SSH Tunnel

ssh -i <LOCATION TO SSH PRIVATE KEY> -L <LOCAL PORT>:localhost:<REMOTE PORT ON WHICH MINIKUBE DASHBOARD IS RUNNING> user-name@IP$ sudo ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -L 8081:localhost:36525 shubham@

Now open your browser and open this url

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